Our Vision

Being a world brand as seat supplier for all airline companies.

Our Mission

To continue our activities as a global brand by;
Being sensitive and environmentally conscious,
Offering innovative, reliable, competitive products with high added value without sacrificing quality,
Creating opportunities and advantages for all stakeholders in the global and national market,
Providing fast and result-oriented solutions to our customers by reducing the foreign-source dependency with nationalization and localization efforts for business partners,
Meeting the customer needs by increasing customer satisfaction and being the most preferred supplier with leading products in the sectors and segments in which it is addressable. 

Company Main Strategies

• To be one of the top 5 aircraft seat manufacturers in the global market.
• To provide the most preferred, competitive and pioneering aircraft seat in the world in every segment.
• To be able to meet the needs of its customers with fast and competitive quality and prices with localization and nationalization efforts.
• To pioneer research that will guide the markets with environmentally friendly practices.
• Creating sustainable profitability.