TSI Seats aims to create value through innovation studies in all areas primarily in line with sustainability strategies including product and process.

To make this happen TSI Seats, 

• Provides the necessary conditions for the creation of an atmosphere of innovation within the organization and in the value chain, 
• Sets goals to its managers can develop the innovation culture in the institution, and follows up on these goals,
• Organizes interdisciplinary activities to improve the innovation awareness of its employees and the ecosystem they are in and to disseminate innovation practices,  
• Researches, implements and supports the implementation of new environmentally friendly technologies and applications in the field of study, 
• Implement and support the necessary innovation studies with all its stakeholders within the institution or by using open innovation and external resources, 
• While benefiting from systematic innovation practices for nationalization studies, it aims at global competitiveness by benefiting from new innovations for the world. 

For this purpose within TSI Seats, 

•  Employees constantly improve themselves, do not hesitate to ask for support to access information,
• Managers support their employees who do innovation studies, 
• The acquired knowledge and skills are brought into the institutional memory, 
• Stakeholders in the value chain are also supported to take part in this cycle.