TSI Seats' Elesa is taking off on GA Telesis' newly purchased A320s

On 31st October 2022, two GA Telesis A320 ceo aircraft were delivered with 180 high-density configuration Elesa seats. A leading lessor and provider of integrated services in the commercial aviation industry, GA Telesis selected the 180 pax of Elesa seats as the most suitable and efficient to be installed on each of its aircraft.

Elesa, with its lightweight design, contributes to reduced fuel consumption and exceeds passenger expectations for comfort. The seat has been recognized for its operational quality since entering the market in 2015 and has been delivered to more than 70 aircraft. TSI offers perfect quality, on-time delivery, and quick response times in customer service. In addition to having a unique system for after-sales support service in the market, TSI also provides STC support, short lead time for spare parts, and Part 145 support.

GA Telesis has selected Elesa because the seats' modular design allows the integration of multiple customized solutions for customers' demands. Elesa can be converted into a double business class seat with a large cocktail table in the center, enhancing passengers' comfort. With its CVS option and competitive price, Elesa is the best solution for world-leading commercial aviation companies.