TSI Seats’ Epianka is available to Boeing’s customers

TSI’s economy class seat Epianka is being displayed in Boeing AIC (Airplane Integration Center) for Boeing 787 Dreamliner customers, starting from May 2021. Epianka has already started being displayed at Boeing Renton Studio for Boeing 737 customers from the beginning of 2020. 

TSI’s Epianka expands the creativity and competitiveness of economy class seating and makes it one of the best solutions for the leading airlines. The seat also changes the meaning of comfort and practicality and offers wide and slim monitors up to 13.3” for in-flight entertainment system. Epianka is available for both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft with IFE and non-IFE options. Using the same seat platform for different types of aircraft provides advantages to the airline in terms of consistency in passenger experience, as well as for efficiency of maintenance and operation due to the commonality of parts.

Classified under Buyer-Furnished-Equipment (BFE) products to airlines for the installation on Boeing aircraft, the Economy Class seats can be procured directly from TSI. According to Suat Sağıroğlu, TSI’s Managing Director, “we are very proud and very much looking forward to strengthening our collaboration with Boeing and its customers. Being displayed in the Boeing Showroom will enlarge our reach and accessibility to world’s leading airlines and ensure our growth in the market. TSI will keep investing to expand its production capabilities and is ready for new challenges.”

For further information please contact; marketing@tsiseats.com