TSI Seats is accepted in TURQUALITY

TSI Seats is accepted in TURQUALITY

TSI Seats is accepted in the TURQUALITY® Support Program with the aim of creating global Turkish brands. TSI Seats, which has broken many new grounds in the aviation industry so far, has become the first aircraft cabin interior in the TURQUALITY® Program.

TURQUALITY® is basically an accreditation system, which is designed not only for elevating the beneficiary companies to the level of international benchmarks, but also creating awareness on the internationally accepted values like quality and novelty that are actually carried by these brands. As a “national brand-building program”, TURQUALITY®’s goal is to facilitate and support the success of Turkish brands on international arena.

Creating a “brand” is of extreme importance for having a say in the Global Arena. Success in the long run is almost impossible for the companies only focusing on export figures and ignoring this fact. In 2019, with the vision of creating global brands, TSI Seats set its target as being a part of TURQUALITY® Program, which is considered to be an important step in the process of creating global brands. TSI examined targets of TURQUALITY® and prepared itself to the program for 1 year and achieved our goal in 2020. TSI Seats is the first company in its sector that is accepted in TURQUALITY® Program.

In TURQUALITY® Program, the patent / utility model and trademark registration expenses, expenses related to the environment and quality certificates, employment costs in foreign countries, promotional materials, advertising and marketing activities, expenses related to foreign entities, consultancy expenditures for institutionalization,  know-how management and IT consulting costs are supported by the government by 50%. 

TSI Seats was established in 2012 in order to design, manufacture, modify and merchandise aircraft seats and its spare parts. TSI Seats continues its operations for multiple aircraft types in the production facilities based in Istanbul, Turkey, and in Utah, United States, with full design, engineering, manufacturing and R&D capabilities.

TSI promises customised solutions in a timely manner. Pre-certified seats can be delivered in less than three months, while the company has recently completed projects that started at the design stage with Airbus and Boeing in less than 16 months, much lower than the industry average, has proven its presence in the sector and increases its sales figures every year.

Acting with the vision of being a global brand as seat supplier for all airline companies since its establishment, TSI Seats took the first steps in 2013 towards becoming the supplier of Boeing and Airbus, the world's largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, and as of 2015 made its first deliveries to the leaders of the global aviation industry. TSI Seats’ brand success has been registered with the approval of TURQUALITY®, which aims to create global Turkish brands.

TSI Seats aims to be among the top five aircraft seat manufacturers in the global market by 2025 by taking a high share from the civil aviation market. In line with this goal, TSI will rapidly increase its production capacity, which is currently 50,000 pax per year, to 100,000 pax per year in the next few years.